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Die Firma HV - Stoll GmbH ist ein zertifiziertes Unternehmen

Welcome to HV STOLL

HV-Stoll with its head office in Burbach-Holzhausen was founded in 1972. At the time, the services provided by the company were focussed exclusively on our high-vacuum vaporized metal deposition process for technical and decorative applications.

We provide any custom colour metallic paint finish you specify on any paintable surface



Vacuum metallizing

Dekorative Bedampfung

High-gloss to matt decorative metallization of various items.

EMI shielding

Beschichtung zur elektromagnetischen Abschirmung

Electromagnetic shield coating and functional vapour deposition.

Industrial painting

Industrielle Serienlackierung

Industrial volume production painting in any colour to customers’ specifications.

Plasma pretreatment


Plasma pretreatment cleans and activates the material surfaces.

Top quality by HV-Stoll, delivered on a deadline basis or just in time

Our applications are as varied as is our service and as are our product packages that allow us to meet all our customers’ requirements as a one-stop shop. No matter, whether the order is large or small, no matter, whether the coating is to be functional (e.g. electromagnetic shielding) or a decorative finish.

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